life within exhibition opening

Art lovers: a rather exciting exhibition is opening in Melbourne. Called Life Within, the show features the works of Mark Alsweiler, Kasper Raglus and frankie pal Sandra Eterovic, all of whom explore life’s quirks, curiosities and philosophies through their eye-pleasing paintings. It’s the first-ever group show to take place at Modern Times, are they’re celebrating with a bit of a tipple tonight. Join them for a beverage supplied by the nice types at Scotchmans Hill and Colonial Brewing Co. between 6pm and 8pm, or pop past the gallery before the exhibition closes on Thursday July 27th to catch all the artistic goodness. Swing over this-a-way to check out the Facebook event page, and tap “311 Smith Street, Fitzroy” into Google Maps to make your way to Modern Times. We might just catch you there!

Sweet pics by Sandra Eterovic.

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