hello from hobbiton

Sometimes all you want to do is leave everyday life behind for a hot second and amble through a landscape built for hobbits. Where the doors are round and there’s life underground, say hello to Hobbiton! You can thank Peter Jackson for the construction of the wee village; the Lord of the Rings director noticed the sheep farm in New Zealand while checking out the landscape from the sky, and thought it looked like some hobbits had already moved in. The guided tour of Hobbiton, which lasts about an hour, has more insider info than you can poke a hairy hobbit foot at. And rest assured, if you need to pull up a grassy knoll to recover from cute overload, there’s boundless rolling hills and flower-covered nooks for you to sit on, too.

hobbiton 1

hobbiton 8

hobbiton 3

hobbiton 5

hobbiton 4

hobbiton 2

hobbiton 7

hobbiton 6

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