the little australian wildflower seed company

heirloom 1

Daniela Hauser, a lass from Newcastle, has left our shores for love. She’s moved to her husband’s hometown in Switzerland, but she misses the smells and sights of Australia. So she’s doing something about it. She’s started up NativeRepublica, a little seed company that aims to bring heirloom Australian native wildflowers to the rest of the world, including bottle brush, Blue Rottnest Island daisy, Sturt’s Desert pea, wattle, Geraldton wax and kangaroo paw. (Every country has its own rules about importing foreign seeds, but most countries are A-OK with a non-commercial quantity.) Daniela needs a little help to get her project off the ground, so if you rather fancy the idea of being able to purchase eco-friendly packets of native Aussie wildflower seeds, irrespective of where you are, pop over to Daniela’s Kickstarter campaign and show her some love.

Very pretty snap by Ransom Cardoza.

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