in-store art

Carson Davis Brown is a troublemaker. Not the kind that dismantles governments or sticks his gum on the chair you’re about to sit on. No, Carson’s more of an artistic troublemaker. One that enjoys going into a store, taking objects of the same colour and arranging them into a temporary structure. Of course, they don’t last long; store staff come along and disassemble them soon enough. But before they do, passers-by can have a gander at Carson’s handiwork, and the artist himself takes a snap or two for posterity. He doesn’t seek permission for his work; he sees it as a form of street art. And bloody well good on him. We just might make a little structure in his honour the next time we pop past the supermarket.

in store art 1

in store art 2

in store art 3

in store art 4

in store art 5

in store art 6

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