stuff mondays – eat this, my friend

When Jade O’Donahoo closed her Melbourne café, her customers were crushed. Never again would they get to taste her delicious veggie-centric treats! But Jade, being an awesome sort of a lass, wouldn’t let their stomachs go unsatisfied. So she shared her recipes – first scribbled down and handed to her customers, then on her blog for the wider food-loving public, and now in her wonderfully pretty fresh-off-the-press cookbook, Eat This, My Friend. Containing over 60 lovingly illustrated vegetarian recipes (including choc-tahini spread, lemony broccoli quinoa salad and lentil shepherd’s pie – yum!), Eat This, My Friend has you covered for every occasion where scrumptious grub is required or desired. Pop over this way to find out more – or send us your details! We’ve got five copies up for the grabbing.

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