ashley ronning’s no place like space exhibition

ashley ronning 1

If you flipped through our first ever book book, Something to Say, and found yourself gazing at those delightful illustrations and wondering who in the heck did them, well, let us tell you that they were produced by the supremely talented Ashley Ronning. And let us also tell you that the lady makes all manner of eye candy, including a slew of visual goodies for a new exhibition called No Place Like Space. Showing at Magic Johntson Cultural Centre (at 27–29 Johnston Street, Collingwood in Melbourne), the exhibition explores what humankind’s first colony in space many look like through the lens of 1970s-infused post-moon-landing fervor – which is to say, it’s retro futuristic stuff (a treat for eyeballs young and old). Trot over on Thursday February 2nd from 6pm till 9pm to catch the exhibition opening, or swing by whenever you fancy it – but be warned, it shall close on Wednesday February 8th. P.S. You can keep an eye on No Place Like Space developments via the Facebook event page.

Sweet pic by Tatanja Ross.

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