we’ve made a book!

Please gird your loins accordingly, because we have some fantastically exciting news to share: we’ve gone and made a book, and it’s called Something to Say: Stories to make you laugh awkwardly in public.

You know the tales we’re talking about – those funny, rude, clever, cute (and sometimes sad and sweary) ones that we love oh-so much around here. (They’ve been known to make you wee yourselves a little bit, too – and that makes us rather proud.)

The novel-sized book is a whopping 240 pages, bursting with witty words from the first 12 years of frankie. Inside, you’ll find tales from some of our favourite writers, including Benjamin Law, Helen Razer, Marieke Hardy, Mia Timpano, Eleanor Robertson, Rowena Grant-Frost, Sam Prendergast and Justin Heazlewood, along with some super-spunky illustrations from frankie friend Ashley Ronning.

It’s available for pre-order in our online store now, and officially goes on sale Monday November 7th. But we recommend you get in quick – we’re only doing a limited print run. Head this way to nab one for yourself and/or a frankie-loving friend.

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