frankie christmas wishlist – irina rybakov

Our rather sweet marketing co-ordinator Irina has a few Christmas gift ideas for lovers of pretty things and things to remind you of her homeland, France. (No, not baguettes – although we’ll never say no to a good hunk of bread smothered in brie.) Scroll down to have a squiz – and joyeux noël!

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Clockwise from top-left:

1. Anything by Building Block is perfection in my eyes. This bag might fall into the "one day present to myself" and would be the fanciest thing I own.

2. Swiss label Marlich make fun money pockets and I wouldn't mind one at all.

3. Food is everything. And to make sure my pantry is well-stocked at all times, I like to preserve summer offerings for later use – this guy sure would make some delicious jams for the winter scone.

4. My pal Penny from Min Pin turns everything into the most adorable creatures, and this Eye Spy ring is no exception.

5. I have been admiring these silver and enamel earrings from Jenna O'Brien for quite some time now. It would be lovely if they turned up under my Christmas tree.

6. French lady Lea Maupetit sure knows how to whip up the most delicious colour palettes in her dreamy paintings. This is just one of many that I wouldn't mind staring at every day.

7. Thank you to the clever folks at Alpha60 for creating a jumper that makes all the things better. Also good for making strangers smile on public transport.

8. Oh Anna, how do you keep making the dreamiest things?! This vase from ACV studio would be right at home on my desk.

9. I like to wear/carry reminders of my homeland at all times – like this brooch by Emma Odenkirchen.

10. An extravagant pair of socks is a no-brainer KK gift, and these Picasso-inspired cuties from Limedrop would be particularly fitting. Hint hint, dear colleagues.

11. Yes to these sandals by Kuwaii for their creamy speckled and pink sole, and for the comfort and good looks they will bring on sunny days.

12. I am obsessed with local Melbourne lady Indigo O'Rourke's art – drawn using biro pens only, can you believe? To tell the truth, I already have one of her works framed up on my wall, but I am craving another one.

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