snickerdoodle and pumpkin ice cream sandwiches

Got any plans for the pulp you scooped out of that pumpkin for Halloween? How about making a thousand snickerdoodles? One of the great things about making snickerdoodles is having a reason to say “snickerdoodles” over and over again. It’s such a fun word – almost as fun as “moist”! (Joke. “Moist” is statistically the most hated word in the English language.)

The extra-fun thing about making these particular snickerdoodles is that their intended purpose is to sandwich pumpkin-flavoured ice cream – that’s where all your orange goop comes in handy. If you’re concerned about pumpkin making ice cream taste awful, take a peek at the recipe before you judge – you just might be surprised how scrumptious it really is. P.S. Boo.

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