the threads on the bus go round and round

We can’t be sure, but we daresay we’d take a fancy to Menja Stevenson if we met her on public transport. Unlike most commuters who spend their bus and train time texting and/or creating dubious smells, the German artist has been busy getting crafty with the fabrics around her.

In a somewhat Frauline Maria-style move, she’s stitched together outfits from the patterned velours and corduroys that public transport users plonk their butts on every day. Apparently the lairy threads are heavy as lead – a little like donning a knight’s armour – which makes sense, really, since the textiles have to withstand so much use and abuse. Bus seats everywhere (and Menja Stevenson) – we salute you.

german public transport 1

german public transport 2

german public transport 3

german public transport 4

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