the sock project

There’s only one thing that makes us giddier than bringing cute craft projects to life, and that’s doing a little good in the world while we’re at it.

If you’ve had a flip through issue 72 (ahem, available over here), then you’ll have already laid your peepers on our rather splendid sock project. Ten pairs of foot-warmers were sent out to some impressive crafty ladies with just one simple instruction: please make them awesome.

Pop over here to see the full range of hand-stitched creations, by none other than Cintia Gonzalez, Rachel Burke, Cat Rabbit, Liz Payne, Alice Nightingale, Eileen Braybrook, Phillipa Taylor, Esther Sandler, Jess Wright, Lara Davies and Edwina Sinclair. Should you clap eyes on a pair that sets your heart alight, be sure to bid on them before our auction closes this Wednesday June 15th. (All proceeds go to the excellent folk at the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, so it’s a rather worthwhile act indeed.)

High fives to AS Colour for supplying the snuggly socks.

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