3:00pm Thursday, 01 Dec. by georgia frances king

How pretty is this Cvetnoetno furniture set?

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3:00pm Monday, 28 Nov. by jessie alymore

You might like to hang one of these banners up on your wall as a reminder that everything is going to be OK. Because it is.

oh caroline

12:00pm Wednesday, 23 Nov. by holly mccauley

We like Caroline Gomez and would be very happy if we could decorate our homes completely with her beautifully designed lamps, shelves, tables and chopping boards.

nice crib

8:00am Tuesday, 22 Nov. by jo walker

Sometimes it's fun to have a little virtual peek around someone else's house.

very pretty vases

1:00pm Tuesday, 15 Nov. by jo walker

According to Lenneke's website, she believes her work "should make people smile". Mission achieved, Lenneke. Mission achieved.


1:00pm Friday, 11 Nov. by jo walker

Sweet googly moogly! Look at these amazing vintage tupperware pendant lights from designer Frank Criscione.

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