laptop stable table

9:00am Sunday, 08 Jul. by maggie butter

Feel like breakfast in bed or working on the couch, but can't seem to balance your teacup and laptop on your legs? Here's the solution.

geometric magnets

3:00pm Monday, 02 Jul. by jo walker

If you're over fridge poetry and/or tic tac toe, then be prepared to have your fancy tickled by these nicely coloured parallelograms.

vegan taxidermy

3:00pm Tuesday, 19 Jun. by jo walker

Etsy seller Vegan Taxidermy constructs critters out of crepe paper, wire, styrofoam and papier mache and they're almost as convincing as the real thing.

see saw table

8:00am Tuesday, 12 Jun. by jo walker

How do you prevent people leaving the table before dinner is over? Dutch designer Marleen Jansen thinks she has the solution: construct a see-saw under the table top and let gravity take its course.

mr and mrs white

3:00pm Tuesday, 05 Jun. by holly mccauley

Mr & Mrs White make homely goods on the northern beaches of New South Wales that use the natural beauty of raw leather, linen and timber.

porcelain critter cups

3:00pm Friday, 01 Jun. by maggie butter

Coffee is so much more satisfying when it is drunk out of a tiny porcelain critter by Miriam Brugmann.

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