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youmeng liu’s 3D embroidered food


It’s basically impossible to view Youmeng Liu’s work without exclaiming, “Whoaaaaaa!” and, “How in the holy heck?” the entire time. How else are you supposed to respond when presented with what looks like a plate of food, but is actually pure embroidery thread?

Youmeng is a London-based designer and crafter who originally hails from Yunnan, China. Since 2014, she’s run her own accessories brand Dreams Code, which combines leather craftsmanship with traditional embroidery techniques from the Bai ethnic minority group of her home province.

In November last year, Youmeng debuted a separate project called Embroidery Edibles, posting shots of jaw-droppingly realistic ‘food’ she made using punch needling techniques. Her goal is to produce 301 embroidered foods all up. So far, she’s recreated classic British meals, and now seems to be moving onto fruits and veg. If you're keen to see what she does next, follow along on Instagram.

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