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The life of a garden snail is fairly straightforward: nibble on some leafy veg, avoid deadly poison pellets, then find a dark, moist burrow to call home. Not so for Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland’s pet snails. Aleia and Sam are two talented miniaturists behind @aleia, an Instagram account/insight into the life of a pampered mollusc. For the last few years, the duo have built an elaborate, tiny universe where snails glide through shopping centres, check in at motels and go bowling with the whole slimy family. While some might view this creative exercise and ask "Why?", we say, "Why not?". Inspired by TV dramas and movies, Aleia and Sam craft scenes that feel both nostalgic and slightly eerie. If you're intrigued by what's lurking under the surface in snail world, head to Instagram to see more, or pick up the glossy Snail World photo book.

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