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this art installation uses 6000 strips of tape in 100 unique colours


To most people, a roll of masking tape is nothing more than a means to stick one thing to another thing. But to French architect, artist and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux, tape is a sophisticated creative material that can be used to make all kinds of impressive things.

Take this huge art installation, for example, which was exhibited at a masking tape factory in the Japanese city of Kurashiki last year. Emmanuelle built it using 6000 strips of masking tape (which had a combined length of 28km) in 100 different colours. The tape was layered vertically and diagonally to create a mesmerising rainbow tunnel that morphs as visitors pass through it. Pretty cool, eh? The tape installation is the 35th project in Emmanuelle’s ‘100 colors’ series, which you can spy over here.