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there’s a cure for everything at dana wyse’s art pharmacy


What if you could pop down to the chemist for an instant pharmaceutical solution to your everyday problems? Let’s say you need a soulmate, a better relationship with your boss or the ability to avoid running into your ex (we’ll have a dozen of those, please). Would you take the pill, or is it better to take the long road towards personal change?

Canadian artist Dana Wyse asks that very question in a pill-themed installation called
Jesus Had a Sister Productions. It’s the world’s kookiest pharmacy where you’ll find an assortment of cures for life’s most pressing (and least pressing) quandaries. Her 'remedies', which draw from the fantastical promises of advertising and infomercials, and each available for around $16. We reckon it’s a bargain for pills like 'make wedding speeches feel shorter'. See the full range over at Dana’s website