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the shotgun sheilas are here to officiate your low-key wedding


While getting hitched is a big deal deserving of celebration, blowing your life savings on a wedding isn’t for everyone. To give couples a relaxed, low-key alternative, Melburnians Renee the Celebrant and photographer Em Jensen have teamed up as the Shotgun Sheilas. Whether you want to skip old-school rituals like being ‘given away’ or just want to tie the knot surrounded by your best mates and (chosen) family as witnesses, Renee and Em’s services make saying ‘I do’ as fun and simple as hanging out at your favourite local.

As part of their $2000 package, you can choose from one of three retro bars around Melbourne. Renee provides a short and sweet ceremony for you and four guests (and completes the official paperwork) while Em snaps away on her film camera. You can bring your favourite record to soundtrack the whole thing, and then sit back for some bevvies afterwards. Easy peasy! If that sounds up your alley, head here for more info.