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the global covid quilting project


Crafting is an ace solo activity, but it’s even better when you have pals to share the joy with. Take quilting, for example. Throughout history, women have often banded together to stitch a single piece of fabric, each adding their own unique touch to a shared work. Artists Kate Just and Tal Fitzpatrick started the COVID-19 Global Quilt project to foster the same kind of crafty collaboration, but one more appropriate for our new socially distanced world. Through Instagram, crafters of all sorts are invited to send in a photo of a textile creation that reflects themes of isolation, community and care. The piece is then added to the Instagram grid, creating a continuously changing, virtual quilt that documents this strange period of our lives. If embroidery, crochet, quilting or any other textile-based activity has kept you afloat during this rollercoaster year, you might like to contribute to this little piece of craft history over here.