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the confectionist’s biscuit art


Our usual response to a seeing a plate of bikkies is cramming as many into our gob as possible. If we were to receive a pack from The Confectionist, though, we’d try with all our might to exercise some self-control. It’s not that the business’s biscuits aren’t delectable (in fact, they come in many wondrous flavours), it’s that they’re so expertly decorated, it’d be a shame to wolf them down without appreciating their fine forms first. For that, you can thank Melbourne baker Georgia Chiarella. With some icing sugar and food dye, Georgia can turn a bikkie into just about anything you please: a pavlova, a puppy, even a plate of pasta. Her specialty is piping someone’s portrait onto a custom cookie, but she also offers some pretty sweet themed collections that come in special tins. Starting to get peckish? Join us in admiring more bikkies over here.