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symmetrical snaps from singapore’s public housing blocks


Public housing blocks are a somewhat ubiquitous sight in Singapore, where over 80 per cent of the population live in towering concrete flats. And while some might pass through these homes without batting an eyelid, Singaporean Jonathan Tan found curious details worth celebrating. His photo series Lepak Downstairs highlights charming communal spaces on the ground floor of older housing blocks, a feature that’s sadly no longer part of new builds. (Lepak means to ‘hang out’ in Malay.)

Often centred around a chess board, the tiled seats and tables encourage residents to mingle, and are satisfyingly symmetrical when viewed from above. Jonathan shot the series in his free time over six months, using his iPhone XR and a handy three metre-long selfie stick. It’s not the first time he’s shared his love for public housing design, either. In 2015, he collected pictures of ‘hole in the wall’ windows for his project Your House Downstairs. To see more from Jonathan, head to his portfolio or follow him on Instagram @jontannn.