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surreal cat collages


It’s no secret that we love cats and craft around these parts, so when we see the two of them together – like in digital artist Matt McCarthy’s works – we tend to get pretty excited. Matt came up with the concept of photoshopping huge cats into various scenes, including atop buildings, among hills and down sewer drains (Pennywise-style) while watching his own moggies.

“I was observing my own cats when they were playing with a bug that entered our house,” he tells Bored Panda. “I wondered how they would react if my wife and I were that small. They're so sweet and cuddly that we tend to forget they're apex predators.”

Well – isn’t that a terrifying thought? Luckily, though, cats are but wee creatures, so we can chuckle at Matt’s collages without giving ourselves nightmares. Peep more of his work on his Instagram and Etsy store.