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stuff mondays – mary quant exhibition


Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Bendigo Art Gallery is hosting a retrospective exhibition on the iconic British fashion designer Mary Quant, and we have five double passes up for grabs! Why is this so exciting? Well, for one, Mary Quant basically made miniskirts a thing. Her fun and fabulous designs are synonymous with the swinging ’60s, and were coveted by young women all over the world (just ask your mum).

If you're a bit of a vintage aficionado, you'll also know how revolutionary her creations were at the time. Social values back then were changing fast, and Mary’s clothes came to represent a new age of feminism – one free from stuffy, restrictive garb like girdles and corsets. Thanks to this sweet exhibition, you'll be able to admire over a hundred of Mary's garments from up close, plus accessories, sketches and photos that have been pulled from the Victoria and Albert Museum and private collections.

To celebrate the occasion, Bendigo will also undergo a ’60s makeover from March 20. Visitors can expect to see retro art murals in town, as well as groovy shop displays from vintage stores and even Mary Quant-inspired desserts at local eateries. If you feel like making a day of it, put on your lucky socks and enter our competition over this-a-way.

Mary Quant: Fashion Revolutionary
March 20th –July 11th, 2021
Bendigo Art Gallery
Tickets here