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stuff mondays – furrytail litter box


Cats are lucky to be so darn cute, because cleaning up after them is one of the worst tasks on the planet. The nice people at Furrytail understand this unique pain, and to help, they’ve come up with a swish litter box that both minimises odours and prevents tracking – huzzah! With its tinted door (moggies need privacy, too) and slanted roof, the clever invention looks less like a litter box and more like a sleek, modern house. Most importantly, it has an easy-to-clean litter drawer and a mini corridor which catches excess sand so your cat's paws remain pristine. All in all, we reckon the Furrytail team deserves a round of applause for this design. If you dig it, you might like to pop by the win page where we’ve got one Glow House up for grabs. Alternatively, rustle up $149 and make your way to the Furrytail shop.