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strawberry marshmallows


Did you know the world’s largest marshmallow is a 93-kilo monstrosity cooked up by a school in the UK? As it turns out, quite a few people have succeeded in staging marshmallow-related feats, including one person who used a pillow to propel 27 fluffy treats into their gob in under a minute. While we’re not suggesting you attempt to land a Guinness World Record here, we do highly recommend making a big batch of these scrummy strawberry marshmallows – a very satisfying and tasty way to spend a Saturday arvo, we think. The recipe comes from Amanda at the food blog A Cookie Named Desire and involves very little cooking – just some melting, stirring and waiting for the sticky mixture to set. Once it’s done, you might like to pop a cube into a hot chocolate for an extra-indulgent treat or perhaps get your competitive hat on for a round of chubby bunny.