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scribble club: october edition


Welcome to frankie’s Scribble Club! Each month, we’ll share a different written prompt, along with reader-submitted artwork, to help get your creative juices flowing.

Perhaps it’s due to the state of the world right now, but we’ve been thinking long and hard about routines and repetition. How easy it is for bad thoughts to cycle, but how painting and stitching the same lines over and over can interrupt the habit. This prompted last month's Scribble Club theme of Patterns, Please, and we can only hope that the creative exercise offered you a bit of zen. Your submissions (some of which are featured in the gallery above) certainly put a big ol' grin on our faces, so thank you to everyone who sent in your work. 

You’re probably wondering what’s on the agenda for October now. Well, without further ado, the next Scribble Club theme is...self portrait! Have a go at getting your reflection down on paper, whether that's via a painting of your mug, a collage of all the objects that represent you or something else entirely. We can’t wait to see the excellent stuff you come up with!

If you feel like sharing what you come up with, email us your work over here, or tag us on Instagram @frankiemagazine and add the hashtag #ScribbleClub.