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scribble club: may edition


Welcome to frankie’s Scribble Club! Each month, we’ll share a different written prompt, along with reader-submitted artwork, to help get your creative juices flowing.

Time to give yourself another hearty pat on the back, frankie friends. We’re chuffed to see you create such ace stuff based on our monthly prompts, and guess what? We have another one for you! This time round, we’re setting a colour challenge. Yep, you can create anything you like, as long as it involves the colours pink and blue.

While you think about what you’d like to whip up, take a gander at some of last month’s submissions for our theme ‘still life’. A special shout-out to Georgie Daphne, whose work you can see below. We missed Georgie’s submission from earlier in April, but wanted to show how much it rules.

As always, if you feel like sharing what you come up, email us your work or tag us on Instagram @frankiemagazine with the hashtag #ScribbleClub.

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