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santa kupča’s isolation-themed dresses


Remember that strange period of time when everyone had to stay indoors all day, every day, and the only way we could talk to our mates was through a screen? What was that called again? Oh, yeah. Lockdown. While most of us spent those gloomy days donning trackie-dacks and grubby t-shirts, Latvian design graduate Santa Kupča was sporting pillowy-yet-extravagant dresses.

The three garments, which are part of Santa’s ‘Stuck-at-Home Masquerade’ collection, were created during COVID-19 as a way of expressing how she was feeling at the time. “During isolation, every day can seem mundane, but what if we could turn it more celebratory? Instead of feeling trapped at home, you could celebrate by being the queen/king of your castle,” she says.

The duvet-esque frocks are aptly named ‘Hesitant to RSVP’, ‘Dolce far niente’ and ‘Public Library’, and are designed to match Santa's background during her video calls. Since Zoom is here to stay for a while longer (in the working world, at least) we’ll take one of each, please.