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pre-order your 2022 frankie diary and calendar


Greetings, hyper-organised pals! We assume you’re here because you’re itching to farewell 2021 (aren’t we all?) or because you delight in nerding out over new stationery. If it’s a little from column a and a little from column b, you’ve come to the right place.
You see, the 2022 frankie diary and calendar are now available to pre-order, and we couldn’t be more chuffed to send them out into the world. Our red cloth-bound diary is an ode to the vintage kitchen, with retro illustrations and patterns by artist Pilgrim Hodgson. Its pages will help you keep track of the days and there's plenty of space for daily sketches and notes. We've even tucked a handy conversion chart and seasonal produce guide inside, ready to be whipped out for your next bake-off.Speaking of culinary quests, we’ve cooked up some excellent kitchen merch for you, too! You’ll now find three tea towels and a flower-power apron available for pre-order over at the frankie shop. Doing the dishes or getting dinner on the table can be a bit of a grind these days, but we hope these colourful fabrics can help you get the job done.
And as for our calendar, well, brace yourself for a full 12 months of visual awesomeness. Featuring works by artists including Neryl Walker, Hannah Pahl, Daria Solak and Greedy Hen, it’s a super-sweet way to pop some colour on your wall. We’ve also added perforated edges to each artwork, too, so you can tear it out, frame it and display it for years to come.

Everyone knows the early bird gets the worm. In this case, all pre-orders score a free set of gift cards, with goodies delivered mid-September. It’s a pretty sweet deal, if we do say so ourselves.

Want to get your mitts on everything before it sells out? You can nab a 2022 diary (including bonus gift cards) for $39.95, the 2022 calendar for $42.95, or an organisational triple whammy (featuring diary, calendar and bonus gift cards) for $69.95. The apron is $69.95, a single tea towel is $29.95, while a pack of three tea towels will set you back $59.95. All prices include shipping – hurrah! Find the lot at our online store: