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pop culture and craft collide at harara textiles


If your recently saved images folder contains memes from The Office, an assortment of Harry Styles’ glamour shots and any sort of Golden Girls snaps, it’s highly like that you’ll fall head over heels for Heather Rios’ work. Heather (more commonly known by her shop name Harara Textiles) is a crafter based in West Virgina, USA. She’s been weaving fluffy, rainbow-bright wall hangings for the last few years, but it's her needle punch and embroidery techniques (applied to funny pictures of celebrities) that have caught our eye. For a bit of a chuckle, and to admire her handiwork up close, head over to @hararatextiles. You can also buy Heather’s works on Etsy, but you'll have to be quick – they tend to fly off the shelves.