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please enjoy these photos of the happiest golden retriever


“Your breath will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother,” Anthony Bourdain once said of the famously stinky durian. While beloved by many for its sweet, custardy taste, the fruit's legendary aroma has wreaked havoc in public places, grounding planes and clearing libraries. But it's clear that humans are ninnies, because the durian’s pungent odour is no match for Jubjib, a golden retriever with a seriously sunny disposition.

Jubjib lives on an orchard in Chanthaburi, Thailand, where he’s helped his family harvest durian for years. Every update from the farm's Facebook page blesses us with shots of a grinning Jubjib, who poses with his bounty in a series of delightfully eccentric hats. By the looks of things, he's ecstatic about his job (not to mention the recent media attention). Life is hard, the news is grim, so why not take a break and stare at photos of sweet, precious Jubjib for the next hour? You deserve it.