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playful paper cut-outs turn landmarks into art


Famous landmarks can look a bit humdrum in photos; if you’ve seen one snap of London Bridge, you’ve seen them all, right? That’s what London creative Rich McCor, aka Paperboyo, thought when he took up photography as a way to explore his home city. Bored with pictures of London that looked just like everyone else’s, Rich started bringing whimsical paper cut-outs on his regular jaunts around the city.

With a bit of black card paper and a pair of scissors, Rich turned London Bridge into a looping roller coaster and Big Ben into a wristwatch. It’s a little like seeing funny shapes in the clouds, except he sees them in iconic scenery.

Rich has since taken his paper-crafting talents and imaginative eye to heaps of iconic sites around the globe, transforming The Matterhorn into a wedding dress and Rome’s Colosseum into an octopus hideout. Like this paper-embellished look at the world? Follow Rich’s adventures on Instagram, or pick up his book, Around the World in Cut-Outs.