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petrit halilaj’s ginormous bird's nest


If you were ever swooped up by a mutant bowerbird and taken back to its nest, you might find yourself in a place that looks a lot like Petrit Halilaj’s exhibition. For his first solo show, the Kosovar artist drew inspiration from the male bowerbird’s mating rituals, installing walls of thick brush and a threatening pair of bird claws in the middle of a glasshouse. With the help of his life partner Álvaro Urbano, Petrit also constructed towering cherry blossoms, poppies and lilies, which serve to remind viewers that us mere humans aren’t the centre of the universe. If you happen to be in Madrid and are ready to be humbled by Petrit’s version of nature, you can catch the exhibition at the Museo Reina Sofía until February, 2021.