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ooh! a whole load of removable wallpaper


Exorcising your feelings via a home reno job is a whole lot less satisfying when you’re renting. You can’t exactly channel your rage into knocking down walls or paint your bedroom on a midnight whim. While you might be hard-pressed convincing your landlord to let you take on any redecorating work, there is one non-destructive way to dramatically revamp your abode. Enter: Scandinavian Workshop’s removable wallpaper. Designed by husband and wife team Gabriel and Mirel Batista, along with their graphic-designer mates, Scandinavian Workshop churns out a bevy of eye-pleasing, patterned wallpapers. Getting these prints on your walls is as simple as peeling and sticking them down. Plus, if you make any boo-boos (or are just rather fickle when it comes to decorating) you can peel it right off. To see more, visit the brand's Etsy store over here.