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miff is streaming over a hundred top-notch films this august


Winter in Melbourne usually means hiding out in charming old cinemas at odd hours of the day, but when the pandemic hit, it was clear this year's Melbourne International Film Festival would play out a little differently. Thankfully, rather than scrapping the festival entirely, MIFF is taking things online. 

The festival has just launched its full streamable program, MIFF 68½, and it’s chock-full of intriguing stuff from around Australia and the world. Whether you dig docos, dramas or shorts, it’s well worth doing a deep dive into the 112 films on the program.

Streaming is open to anyone in Australia, which means interstate pals can access top-notch films that Melburnians usually get first dibs on (hurrah!). And while regular MIFF-goers might miss the sassy live commentary and collective cheers from the crowd, getting the chance to watch everything in your pjs is admittedly a pretty good deal.

If you're wondering how it'll all work, you can either buy single tickets to films or bundle packs. You'll get 30 hours to watch most, though some special films have shorter viewing windows. Tickets go on sale July 17 and streaming runs between August 6th to 23rd. For all the deets, head over to the MIFF website.