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jonathan le’s knitted toys


A lot of research has been done to understand why we find certain things cute. Apparently, if we see something that looks like a baby – round head, big eyes, small nose – our brains flip into care-and-protect mode, and we may start feeling affections for a seemingly helpless thing (live or inanimate).

If that is indeed true, it might explain why we’ve spent the last few minutes aww-ing over Jonathan Le’s knitted toys. The LA maker (who also goes by Jonny Knits) crafts an adorable cast of plushies that also come with some rather odd backstories (Lickoo the ghost has a retractable tongue and died while choking on a French fry). Still, with their smiley faces and little feet, they're super-lovable all the same. If you’d like nothing more than to pinch their woolly cheeks, keep your eye on Jonathan’s Insta for shop updates.