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inventor simone giertz created a chair for needy pets


Working from home isn’t only a boon for those of us who hate commuting – our pets, too, have been indulged (mostly with 24/7 access to pats). While it’s comforting to have a fluffy friend nestled on your lap as you fire off emails all day, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the pet fur. And sometimes Zoom meetings are easier when your cat’s butt doesn’t crash the party.  

Inventor Simone Giertz was experiencing this very problem at home, too. But being the full-time tinkerer that she is, she came up with a solution: a hybrid chair and kennel that accommodates both humans and needy pets. The lower section gives pets privacy (if they so desire) while the cushioned bench on top allows them easy access to cuddles. There’s even in-built stairs and railings so they can come and go as they please.

Simone’s chair is a one-off, but if you have some serious DIY skills, check out her video below to construct one for yourself.