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how to dye your threads with tissue paper


Huzzah! There’s finally a way to use up all that leftover tissue paper you hoarded last Chrissy. It's called tissue paper tie dye, and it was brought to our attention by the clever clogs at Honestly WTF and Apartment TherapyTraditional tie dye usually involves rubber bands, messy dye bottles and the risk that you’ll end up looking like your Uncle Barry, the Grateful Dead fan (unless that's what you’re going for). Dyeing using tissue paper, on the other hand, is a simple, relatively mess-free way to experiment with the craft. All you need is “bleeding” tissue paper, which leaches colour when wet, a spray bottle and a bit of vinegar to prepare your fabric. The washed-out effect is super-cool and a bit like a rainbow Paddle Pop. If you fancy having a go, Apartment Therapy shows you how to use the technique on bedsheets, while DIY blog Honestly WTF applies it to a pair of slip dresses.