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giveaway - fairtrade coffee


When you take that first, heady sip of coffee in the morning, do you ever stop to think about where it came from? We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t, as we’re often too busy enjoying the rich flavour and tingly buzz that comes with the hot beverage.

As it turns out, quite a lot has to happen before that precious bean juice ends up in your mug, and sometimes the people involved in that process aren’t paid a fair price for their work. Buying Fairtrade-certified coffee is one way to ensure that these workers, their families and the wider community are supported throughout the crop-to-cup process. Plus, you know our planet is being considered, too.

To get you started on your Fairtrade journey, we’re giving away a rad prize pack to two lucky caffeine lovers – one in Australia and the other in New Zealand – which includes a Moccamaster coffee machine and some delicious Fairtrade coffee. To enter, head to our win page and tell us how you take your coffee.