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get a load of this pasta-themed tarot deck


Here’s one for the spiritual foodies. The Pasta Tarot – created by Jeff Petriello and Rob Truglia and illustrated by Lindsay Mound – reimagines the suits of the iconic Rider-Waite-Colman-Smith tarot deck as pasta while referencing the queer Italian-American experience.

The idea for a pasta-themed tarot deck was sparked while Rob was holidaying in Italy and began seeing people as types of pasta, based on their personality and appearance. He and Jeff used that insight, along with their shared queer Italian-American experience, to come up with a deck that brings joy to tarot readers of every level.

Keep an eye on the Pasta Tarot Kickstarter (which has raised a whopping $45,582) and Instagram for updates on when and where you can nab a deck – the clever creators are currently cooking up their own website.