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finally! an online guide to indoor plants!


We have big news, frankie friends. Capital B-I-G, ‘you’re going to want to tell your mates about this’ news. In fact, you might want to stop strangers in the street or howl it into the night, like a dog during the full moon. Introducing... How Many Plants – a free online guide to caring for your houseplants!

This delightful resource is lusciously illustrated, easy to navigate and packed with the no-BS, super-helpful know-how you need as a proud plant parent. If you’ve ever cried into your drooping fiddle-leaf fig or wondered how often to repot your monstera, this guide is for you. Sure, it’s no scientific plant encyclopaedia, but it will equip you with all the practical info you need to keep common indoor greenery happy and healthy. Each plant variety even has a dedicated troubleshooting section, and there’s an accompanying blog for deep dives into plant care. So what are you waiting for? Stop googling your plant problems and bookmark this mighty resource.