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feast your eyes on some succulent desserts


Starting a succulent garden is easy-as. Recreating prickly cacti and rosette succulents from butter and sugar? Not so much. If you’re a nimble-handed baker, however, piping a whole range of lush greenery is all in a day’s work. Well, at least if you’re Iven Kawi, an Indonesian baker who specialises in jaw-dropping terrarium cakes. Her business Ivenoven began in 2014 as a home operation, turning out only one cake a week. Of course, it wasn’t long before Iven's super-detailed creations went viral, giving her the opportunity to expand her team and open up two Ivenoven stores – one in Jakarta and another in Surabaya. Unfortunately, international shipping isn't a thing with cakes, but you can see plenty more buttercream art at @ivenoven.