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elena fortunati’s sparing snaps


Though there’s a time and a place for maximalism, you won’t find it in Elena Fortunati’s portfolio. The self-taught Italian photographer prefers a restrained colour palette and rather severe compositions, like a lone woman leaning over a barrier or a hand reaching eerily through the ferns. Other snaps focus on the relationship between the subject and its backdrop, like the back of someone’s head against a hazy sky or a boy scrambling over rocks.

Elena’s not the kind of gal who fills a frame with stuff. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that she’s not a huge fan of real-life clutter (unless she keeps her artistic life spick and span because her abode is such a mess – in which case, we get it). The stark simplicity isn’t boring though; it’s what makes these photos so compelling that we could stare at them for yonks. Gaze at more of Elena’s work on Flickr.