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charming felt frogs by jennas whatever


There's something so whimsical about the notion of wee animals dressing up in human outfits and partaking in leisurely human activities. The furry pals from Wind in the Willows, for example, love nothing more than picnicking in the grass while donning smart suits and sun hats. Peter Rabbit, on the other hand, gets up to all kinds of mischief while wearing his powder blue coat.

Jenna Anderson O’Neil (aka Jennas Whatever) crafts felt frog dolls that could just as easily be storybook characters. Her leisurely amphibians enjoy gardening, knitting, cooking and, for one radical frog, protesting. Jenna’s creations are in high demand, so if you want to get your mitts on one (via her Etsy shop), you’ll need to keep an eye on her lovely Instagram for updates.