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brad walls’ surreal aerial snaps


Sydney photographer Brad Walls is best known for his fascinating aerial snaps of swimming pools, which focus on the lines and shapes of the (usually, quite boring) bodies of water.

In his new series, titled ‘Detached in Harmony’, Brad takes his togs-wearing subjects out of the pool and into the sand dunes. He uses symmetry, negative space and repetition to capture the striking snaps of figures against velvety sand.

The series takes inspiration from the work of iconic 40s fashion photographer Clifford Coffin, as well as the distant, repetitive nature of life during COVID. “The figures are purposefully static, to symbolise how we have been frozen in time over the past 18 months,” Brad says.

Brad plans to exhibit the series – which was shot in 45 minutes and produced over nine months – in 2022. Keep an eye on his website and Instagram page for the deets, and to peep more of his work.