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at tokyo’s manuscript café, visitors can’t leave until their work is complete


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Are you the type of person who leaves everything till the very last minute? And when you do finally get around to starting that heavily-weighted uni assignment or that book you’ve always wanted to write, do you reward yourself with snack breaks and Instagram every five minutes? Look, we’re not here to judge you or to preach – especially since some of us are serious procrastinators ourselves. We’re just here to let you know that we’ve uncovered one sure-fire way to get stuff done. All you need to do is book a ticket to Tokyo and, upon arrival, head straight to the Manuscript Writing Café in Koenji, where you’ll be forced to remain until you’ve finished that pesky task.

We’re not kidding! Café owner Takuya Kawai opened the space to provide a stimulating environment for writers of all sorts. To ensure that productive environment is maintained, Takuya has come up with a few simple but strict rules: when you arrive at the venue, you’ll be required to state your work goal (like writing 1000 words of your 2000-word assignment, for example). You’ll be charged for the amount of time you spend working at the café. But here’s the catch: you won’t be allowed to pay and make your way out of the venue until you’ve achieved your work goal. Genius.

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