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artist katie so’s intimate look at self-care


Self-care is a pretty loaded buzzword. Although it’s super-important to look out for yourself and your wellbeing, we can all have pretty complicated feelings about what it takes to do that (ahem, bubble baths aren't the answer to everything). Vancouver artist Katie So, whose work often tackles subjects like mental health and racial identity, explores that contradiction in her latest exhibition, Take Care. The works in Take Care invite viewers into a space where ‘self care’ is being used in positive and negative ways, like a blanket that’s both a shroud and a comfort. "Take Care means both those things; be gentle but be aware,” Katie recently told BOOOOOOOOM magazine. “Don’t get too comfortable or you’ll never get back up.”  For a closer look, check out Katie’s virtual exhibition over at the Burrard Arts Foundation site, or pop over to her Instagram