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a wonderland of dried flowers


Close your eyes and picture a cave of stalactites. Now replace the stalactites with colourful dried blooms and you have Fleurs séchées de Bayet. The French farm and flower shop is a true sight for sore eyes, boasting a jaw-dropping floral 'cave' as well as 7000 square metres of picturesque floral fields. To frolic in this natural wonder, you'll have to first make your way to the small town of Bayet (about five hours drive from Paris). Once there, simply hand over 3.50 euros and you'll be treated to a guided tour of the farm, as well as a stroll around the gardens. You'll probably meet husband-and-wife team Véronique and Jean-François, too – together, they've been growing and drying blooms for over 35 years. A dream job, if you ask us. For more information, visit the Fleurs séchées de Bayet website here