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a pretty cool hotel tour


Calling all fans of ’80s décor – we’ve found an Instagram and Youtube account that’s pure awesomeness for your eyes. It’s called A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour and is run by creative couple Margaret and Corey Bienert. The project documents some of America’s kitschiest themed and 'adult' hotels – the kind that feature extravagant champagne glass baths and gigantic clamshell bedframes, all in the name of romance. Do Margaret and Corey sometimes find weird stains in their suite? Yes. Are the basic hotel/motel amenities sometimes lacking? Also yes. But who cares when you have a love-heart tub?

The Biernets are interested in discovering hidden gems, which often leads them to old-school establishments that haven’t changed in decades. Not every stay is a five-star experience (in fact, some are cheap motels with surprising interiors), but it’s the elaborate furnishings, mirrored ceilings and occasional sex swing in a closet that makes for such fascinating viewing.

If you’ve got a moment to go down the rabbit hole, we recommend watching Margaret and Corey’s adorably dorky video tours for the full experience. Otherwise, head on over to @aprettycoolhoteltour, and get ready to bookmark every image.