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a museum dedicated to cats


Calling all crazy cat people – should you ever find yourself in North Carolina, USA, be sure to pop by this moggie museum. Harold Sims opened up the American Museum of the House Cat back in 2017 simply because he thought his country needed one. He’s right – there are only a couple of cat-themed museums around the USA, and Harold’s is arguably one of the best in the very niche category, even boasting a real-deal mummified cat from Ancient Egypt.

The retired biology professor, along with his wife Kay, have spent more than 30 years collecting feline-related objects and curiosities, so filling up their museum proved no problem at all. More than just feline fanatics, Harold and Kay are passionate about highlighting how important house cats are to human history.

Sadly, the museum has been forced to temporarily shut due to COVID, but on an average day, visitors can check out 10,000 artefacts, including art, toys, tchotchkes and, uh, a petrified cat pulled from a chimney in 16th-century England. Curiouser and curiouser.